Dreams are as mystifying as they are insightful.
Learn how the unconscious communicates its wisdom.

Dreams as Psychic Hygiene

Just like the body naturally reacts to poor nutrition, the psyche works at self-regulation during the night. To pay attention to one’s dreams is the first step towards self-knowledge.

Dreams as Compensation for Biases

Dreams offer a unique window on the psyche. The unconscious exposes us to our blind spots, one-sided attitudes and inflated egos in symbolic forms. By understanding what is revealed, we can orient and renew the conscious attitude.

Dreams as Individuation

Working with dreams builds up the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious. Establishing this vital link is the work of a lifetime.


A Template For Dream Analysis With Examples

When we start looking at our own dreams, we are faced with their symbolic mystery that appears to be insurmountable. Many people will simply dismiss them on the basis of their cryptic and confusing, if not downright disturbing, nature.

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A Visual Guide to Jung’s Later Works With a Bonus

Despite clear writing, Jung is not an easy writer to understand. This task gets increasingly difficult when one aims at understanding his writings on alchemy and religion, which I call the “Later Works”.

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Dream Series 01 – Walking Alone

A video series about dream interpretation, following a detailed step-by-step process.

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