The Inner Alchemy of Making Choices

Going through the ups and downs of life, one will realize soon enough that “what one wants” and “what one needs” are seriously not the same thing.

You’ve probably discovered on your own – and many times over – how unsatisfactory and short-lived getting what you want feels like. Worse, sometimes there is an overwhelming emptiness when achieving a lifelong goal.

Dream Series 02 – The Unconscious Going Above the Speed Limit

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Archetypes and Instincts

Analytical psychology makes the singular claim that the psyche is, at its deepest and most unconscious level, structured. These fundamental psychic structures, called archetypes, produce spontaneous images that can be empirically studied through dreams, fairy tales, mythology, and religions.

Shadow Work – Theory and Practice

A fundamental distinction between most spiritual/religious practices and analytical psychology is the focus on the exploration of the dark side of one’s psyche. While Christians reflect and pray to the Love of God and New Age people bliss out in mass meditation, individuation requires to go the other way.

Outer Work – Lessons From My Twenties

A Decade With a Broken Compass

As I am getting closer to my 30th birthday, I looked back at my twenties and feel astonished that I made it in one piece. I also feel burdened by the number of things I had to figure by myself to approach a life that I do not resent.

A Visual Guide to Jung’s Later Works With a Bonus

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Why a Mind Map?
Despite clear writing, Jung is not an easy writer to understand. This task gets increasingly difficult when one aims at understanding his writings on alchemy and religion, which I call the “Later Works”.

A Template For Dream Analysis With Examples

When we start looking at our own dreams, we are faced with their symbolic mystery that appears to be insurmountable. Many people will simply dismiss them on the basis of their cryptic and confusing, if not downright disturbing, nature