Navigating Synchronicity

One of the most common entry points into Jung’s analytical psychology is his work on synchronicity, the principle of meaningful acausality.

Fight Club: Masculine Development and Initiation through the Shadow

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Dream Series 08 – The discarded water makes the whole world

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The Psyche Lost in Sexuality

In the previous article, a distinction was made between the two forms that the incestual drive can take: the outer form, which is pathological and destructive, and the inner form, which is a major goal of self-realization.

The Psyche Lost in Matter

According to the myth, Parsifal (whose name translates to “pure or innocent fool”) encounters a wounded Fisher King whose testicles have been pierced by an arrow or a poisoned spear. With such a wound, the Fisher King is left impotent, without access to the Grail Castle, and without the ability to produce an offspring. This condition prevents the Fisher King from enjoying life and yet it is not dire enough to kill him either.

Grieving the Father

In the introduction of The New God-image: A Study of Jung’s Key Letters Concerning the Evolution of the Western God-image, Edward Edinger outlines six stages in the religious orientation of mankind, tracking the evolution of the God-image throughout the history of the West.

The Wheel and the Cross

In January 2023, I opened my inbox and found an email from an acquaintance of mine, a middle-aged woman who shall remain anonymous.

Dream Series 07 – The Passion of Christ is the Mother giving birth

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Paranoia Agent: Stories of Failed Individuation (Part Two)

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This article picks up where Part One ended.